Which Mini Trimmer is Right for You?

Written by Wahl Classroom - 27 August, 2021


Are you in the market for a trimmer to easily clean paw pads, sanitary areas, and final touch-ups? Wahl Animal is here to help you decide which mini trimmer is right for you! 

Before starting your search for a new trimmer, it's important to identify your needs. Do you need long battery life or will only use it occasionally? Do you need the ability to use it cordless or corded? What blade length is desired? And so on. If you are still unsure, keep reading for a breakdown of the Wahl Animal MiniFigura, BravMini+, and Vetiva Mini

It is important to note that prior to any clipping, you should always bathe and brush your dog first. Not only will this help provide your pup with a stress and tangle-free clip, but will help keep your blade from having to work in overdrive to power through dirt, debris, and mats. To learn more about proper grooming techniques, visit our Wahl Classroom!


The Wahl Animal MiniFigura is a "good" mini trimmer. The Lithium Ion rechargeable trimmer provides users with 75 minutes of cordless operation and comes equipped with a #50 surgical cut blade. The kit also comes with four attachment guide combs, charging stand, charging cord, cleaning brush, and blade oil. The MiniFigura is ideal for IV preparation, surgical shaving, and wound care. It also can be used for trimming ears, faces, muzzles, and paws.



  • #50 Blade
  • 75 minutes of cordless runtime 
  • Lithium Ion rechargeable trimmer
  • Ideal for IV prep, trimming ears, faces, muzzles, and paws.

Mini Arco®

A clipper with performance between the MiniFigura and the BravMini+, the Mini Arco® serves as a fan favorite. The nightly little trimmer has nearly 2 hours of runtime with a rechargeable battery, giving you plenty of time to trim paws, ears, faces and sanitary areas. The Mini Arco kit includes a#30 blade, two adjustable attachment guide combs, a cleaning brush and blade oil. 

  • #30 blade
  • Lightweight at only 4 oz. 
  • Ideal for faces, ears, paws and muzzles
  • Replacement blades available for purchase


If you are looking for something a little "better" than the MiniFigura and Mini Arco®, the BravMini+ is the mini trimmer for you! With 100 minutes of cordless runtime and a #30 blade, the BravMini+ is quiet and lightweight, making it perfect for trimming ears and faces on animals who are sensitive to noise. The BravMini+ comes with one attachment guide comb, charging stand, charging cord, cleaning brush, and blade oil


  • #30 blade
  • 100 minutes of cordless runtime
  • Quiet and lightweight
  • Perfect for trimming eyes, ears, and faces

Vetiva™ Mini

The Vetiva Mini is an ultra-lightweight, premium trimmer made to tackle the toughest grooming, surgery prep/IV prep, and wound care situations. It is the "best" mini trimmer. The Vetiva Mini is quiet with easy-to-change blades and a seamless body making it simple to sanitize. With a full two-hour cordless runtime, the trimmer can also be used corded to continue grooming with care and detail. The Vetiva Mini is also equipped with speed control that increases blade speed to overcome blade jams and stalling when trimming in difficult areas. The Vetiva Mini comes with a #40 blade that is corrosion resistant, an "easy clean" feature to help reduce hair build-up, one attachment guide comb, charging stand, charging cord, cleaning brush, and blade oil


  • #40 corrosion-resistant blade
  • Ultra-lightweight, premium trimmer
  • Two-hour cordless runtime; can be used cordless or corded
  • Seamless body for easy sanitation
  • Constant speed control feature
  • Ideal for hard-to-reach places, sanitary areas, faces, and surgery prep


Now that you have decided which mini trimmer is right for you, be sure to post a photo on social media of you using your new trimmer and tag @wahlanimal and check out the Wahl Classroom for tips from experts!

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