Blanketing Your Horse Doesn't Have to be an All or Nothing Situation

Written by Liv Gude - 20 December, 2019

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6 things to consider when you decide whether or not to blanket your horse - courtesy of #WahlAnimal ELITE Educator Liv Gude @proequinegrooms:

1. Genetics - does your horse grow a lot of hair?

2. Sweat - a lot of sweat under the saddle is not always good for your horse's skin.

3. Climate - depending on where you live, you may need help with a blanket to keep your horse comfortable. 4.Health - blanketing can help horse's body system running smoothly.

5. Weight - blankets can help your horse keep on weight so it's not wasting energy staying warm.

6. Competing - blanketing can help your horse stay clean, happy and warm!

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