Grooming Your Doodle at Home

Written by Wahl Animal - 13 December, 2021


Are you a pet parent who is looking to maintain your pup’s coat between professional grooming? At Wahl Animal, our customers are our family, which is why we want to provide you with the best products to care for your animals!

The Wahl Animal MaxCoat is the perfect clipper to keep your pup happy and healthy. The awesome thing about the clipper is that it can clip through just about anything, even thick coats! Before you start home grooming your dog with the MaxCoat, you should ensure that the coat is prepped and ready for clipping.

Brushing your Dog

Depending on your dog’s coat length and texture, you will need specific brushes to correctly groom. If you’re grooming your doodle at home, a slicker brush is ideal for removing and preventing mats, while taking off their dead hair. Wahl Animal recommends brushing your doodle several times a week with our slicker brush to avoid mats, which helps ensure your pup is comfortable. By introducing a regular grooming routine, your dog will become more relaxed at home and with its professional groomer.

How do you know if your doodle is matted?

When brushing your dog, Wahl Animal Elite Educator, Sue Watson, said an easy way to recognize a matted coat is, “by parting the coat – if you can see skin, then the coat is not matted in that area; if the hair looks like tight webbing, then the coat of your pet is matted. If your dog is severely matted, you often cannot even part the coat.” If your dog is severely matted, do not attempt to groom it at home. Instead, schedule an appointment with your dog groomer or even seek out mobile dog grooming companies to come to your house. Once your doodle’s coat has been refreshed by a groomer, that is the perfect time to begin practicing regular brushing and grooming!

Bathing your Dog

After you have thoroughly brushed your dog, bathing is up next! The Wahl Animal Double-Sided Pin & Bath Brush is a perfect accessory for bath time, helping to lather a mild soap while removing dead hair with the rubber side. After the bath, it’s time to brush again to separate any tangles from the drying time, whether you blow-dry or air dry.

Clipping your Dog

Once your dog is completely prepped for clipping, it’s time to introduce them to the MaxCoat clipper! Thankfully, this clipper is quiet so if you have a noise-sensitive pet at home, they will be stress-free when grooming. Equipped with a #10 blade (which has a cutting length of 1/16”), it is a great length for breeds such as Australian Shepherds, Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Poodles, and other thick-coated dog breeds. Maintaining your doodle’s coat between grooms can range from simply brushing their coat, trimming the eyes, face, and paw pads, or even full-body trimming. Need a tutorial on how to prep and clip your pup’s coat? Check out this in-depth video from Elite Educator Sue Watson!

Want to learn more? In the Wahl Animal Classroom, you can find video tutorials, articles, and free resources to improve your at-home-grooming skills!

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