Healthy at Home: Pet Grooming

Written by Wahl Animal - 21 October, 2022


At-home grooming maintenance on your pet can feel intimidating for both you and your pet but can build a strong bond between the two of you! At Wahl Animal, we encourage keeping animals Healthy, Happy & Beautiful by following four basic steps: bathe, brush, clip and trim! Regularly practicing these four steps will not only create a Healthy, Happy & Beautiful pet, but also get them more comfortable for their visits to the professional groomer.

1. Bathe

First things first: the bath. Bathing is important to keep your pet looking and feeling its best. A good scrub in the tub will remove unwanted dirt, mud, oils, hair/fur and anything else that may have gotten trapped in their coat. Choosing a shampoo that is right for your pet’s needs might seem overwhelming, but Wahl Animal offers our Healthy at Home shampoo line, free of sulfates, phthalates, dyes and parabens to ensure your pup is receiving the best care possible. With eight plant-based shampoos manufactured in eco-friendly packaging, you can easily find what’s best for your pet.

Sensitive Skin Shampoo

Explore the Healthy at Home shampoo:

Before moving on to the next steps, make sure you properly dry your pet’s coat. If you are not sure how, check out this video from Wahl Animal family member, Brittney Valle!

2. Brush

Brushing is another great way to bond with your four-legged friend. Regular brushing will remove dirt and shed, while spreading natural oils throughout the coat. There are a wide variety of brushes available for dog grooming and understanding your dog’s coat type and needs are important for determining which brush(es) may be right. Thankfully, Wahl Animal carries a line of brushes for all coat types, including a double-sided pin and bath brush to help lather your Healthy at Home shampoo, a slicker brush to remove mats and a flexible pin brush to fluff your pup’s coat.

If your pup is a shedder, look for tools that are built to remove shed. If your pup has a curly coat, a slicker brush may be the perfect option for helping you remove deep tangles and the mats that occur in their unruly hair.

Medium Slicker Head BrushFor longer coats, a pin brush may be the exact solution you need to keep their flowing fur tangle-free and shiny.

Double Sided Pin Brush

3. Clip

It is important to reiterate that prior to any clipping, you should always bathe and brush your dog first. Not only will this help provide your pup with a stress and tangle-free clip, but will also help keep your blade from having to work in overdrive to power through dirt, debris, and mats.

There are two different types of fur clipping products: clippers and trimmers. 

Clippers, while great for shave downs, are best used with attachment guide combs to leave your pet’s coat at optimal length for protection from the sun or weather. 

Small trimmers are great for trimming around faces, paws, and other sensitive areas. Make sure to trim ears and paws after bathing for a clean and finished look. 

If you are not sure which clipper might be right for your pet’s needs, we suggest our Wahl Animal 5 Style Groom.


5 Style Groom™

Check out our comprehensive guide to learn more!


4. Nails

Lastly, we have the nails - the final, yet very important, step in finishing your pet’s groom. 

There are a variety of products to choose from and understanding how they work can help you narrow down your search. 

Nail grinders are ideal for trimming, shaping, and smoothing nails and can often allow you to dial in on a speed that works for your pet. Grinders can be used on any size dog. 

Premium Nail Filer

Nail clippers are great for quick nail trims - though often a filer or grinder is needed after to smooth down any sharp edges a clipper can leave behind. 

Large Pet Nail Clipper

Pro Tip: Always keep a styptic powder or cornstarch on hand in case of an accidental nick of the quick. 

For more tips and tricks, check out this video from Brittney Valle!





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