Whiteside County Sheriff's Department Service Dog Visits Wahl Clipper

Written by Wahl Animal - 27 January, 2022


On January 25, 2022, Copper, Whiteside County Sheriff's Department service dog, visited Wahl Clipper Corporation located in Sterling, IL. 

Copper is an eight-month-old Goldendoodle whose first day on the job was July 11, 2021.  His purpose is to comfort those who need it and put a smile on everyone's faces, which seems to be an easy task for him. Copper is nearing the end of his training where he has learned proper behavior to excel as a service dog. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (14)Wahl Animal learned about Copper spreading happiness, which sparked the desire to help make Copper healthy, happy and beautiful. During Copper's visit, Wahl Animal gifted a monetary donation in each of the employees' names to help pay for Copper's vet bills and other necessities, as no tax dollars go towards Copper's expenses. The decision was made to give back this Christmas, instead of receiving employee gifts.  Bailey Russell, Marketing Communication Coordinator, said, "At Wahl Animal, we strive to promote what we believe in, which is keeping animals healthy, happy and beautiful, but by actively practicing what we believe in gives every person in our department a sense of purpose and passion." 

In addition to Copper receiving a monetary donation, the Wahl Animal team gathered a tote of product to help keep his coat in perfect condition.  Copper received a 5-in-1 Chromado for touch-ups between visits to the groomer, a set of slicker brushes to maintain a healthy, mat-free coat, shampoo, detangler and other coat-care products. 

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Wahl Animal is looking forward to Copper's next visit and to follow his journey as the Whiteside County Sheriff's Department service dog.  To stay up to date on Copper, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram

To learn more about Wahl Animal, visit www.wahlanimal.com or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok


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